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Immigration to Europe

Relocating to another country is not an easy step, although quite achievable with a proper preparation. When thinking about immigration to Europe, one should not forget about very important aspects i.e. associated costs, documents preparation, language, selection of right accommodation and work, and most important – time. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will need time, both, for the whole moving process as well as for adaptation to a new place. Speaking about the reason, well, there is always one to be found, for example, the unstable economic situation in your country of current residence, low wages, high service fees, lack of work of your interest, disagreement with political regime of your country, you name it. Or you just feel that one of the European Union countries is more in line with your idea of comfortable living.

Make a list of the pros for moving in advance:

  • change of living standards: improved working and housing conditions, affordable and quality education.
  • acquaintance with a new culture, language, cuisine;
  • freedom of movement – the EU offers a vast common area for travel;
  • new connections and possibility of expanding your horizons;
  • favourable tax and asset protection conditions.

Before deciding to take such an important step, go through the below criteria for the country of your choice in advance:

  • the standard of living, in different EU countries it can be different;
  • economic situation, cost of goods and services, rate of inflation;
  • salaries level and unemployment rate;
  • labour market and demand for specialists of your area and qualifications;
  • conditions of employment, if you’ve found a job for yourself in advance;
  • rate of taxation;
  • social programs and welfare, especially if you have a family with underaged children;
  • climate, availability of access to the sea, landscape.

European countries can be divided into several groups highlighting the advantages they are offering:

  • with simplified citizenship/naturalisation procedure, where you can contribute to the country’s economy by investing or starting a business;
  • with a possibility of obtaining citizenship or a residence permit if you buy property in the said country;
  • countries accessible by ethnicity, family reunification and acquisition of citizenship by birth e.g. one or both parents are citizens of that country, the child is born in that country;
  • various programs for moving to work or study, which simplify the process of documents review and employment in the chosen specialty;
  • marriage to a citizen of the country;
  • refugee and political asylum.

By choosing a more suitable option, you help yourself to make a right decision in regards to moving to Europe.


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