Altus Citadel has brought together a team of qualified professionals in an effort to become an outstanding player in the area of corporate services, consulting and tax planning.

With over 10 years of experience in the corporate industry, Altus Citadel assists major organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs & high-net individuals, to establish their business in a low tax, transparent and regulated environment, such as Cyprus, UAE, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other jurisdictions.

Part of our strategy is to constantly search for innovation both in the services we offer and in the way we conduct business. We particularly concentrate on the use of information technology and are able to offer our clients a full management & administrational solutions. We are able to provide one-stop solutions to enable you to establish and maintain business presence and operational infrastructure in any jurisdiction around the world.

We have achieved rapid growth throughout the years of operations by utilizing the strengths of our qualified & experienced team.


Altus Citadel is an innovative, flexible and dynamic group and it is dedicated to offering you an outstanding and personalised service. Each client is assigned to a manager that is dedicated to providing them with the highest level of service 24/7. Through the implementation of internal procedures we have taken care to craft a rigorous quality regime across the organisation without burdening it with bureaucracy. Altus Citadel is licensed (No. 26/196) as an Administrative Services Provider by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some of the services we can provide are:

Our staff and partners include:

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2 August, 2022
Announcement I Extension of the deadline for the submission of 2021 Personal Income Tax returns (TD1)
We would like to inform you that a degree was issued on 29/07/2022 in the Official Gazette which extends the deadline for the e...
29 July, 2022
New Tax Exemptions For Employment Income
On 26 July 2022, an amending law was published in the Gazette with respect to the income tax exemptions for employment income, ...
26 July, 2022
Tax deduction Increase for Research and Development expenses
In an effort to attract new investments and businesses in Cyprus, an enhanced tax deduction for Research & Development (R&a...