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Management consulting
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We combine a passion for IT with real hands on business and managerial experience.
Our consultants have spent decades working for large and small companies, both national and international.

We build smart systems for smart companies. Gaps in and non-relational data are highlighted. It’s a joined up system and we fill in the blanks. That way we ensure that your business intelligence system is fit for purpose. We concentrate on practical solutions that fit your company size and budget. This can range from simple spreadsheets to complex KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting business dashboards, multi dimension financial reporting and forecasting.

Management consulting<br/>and IT
Altus Citadel group can provide expertise, assistance and or set up business management systems in the following areas:
  • Business Consulting and Business Planning
  • Budgeting and business forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Performance management systems
  • Cost management systems
  • Business plans and reports on the feasibility of projects
  • Advising on mergers and acquisitions
  • IT consulting
On a more mundane level we can also design, develop and deliver the following practical IT services:
  • Web hosting and web design
  • Email
  • High speed and secure internet and wifi
  • Network, domain, file servers
  • Software selection and implementation
  • Hardware advice and support


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